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 Our Vision :

The four Citystar sites in REAM present a virgin but nevertheless accessible natural beauty.  Nature reigns. In the forest are found numerous species of animals, such as woolly-necked storks and hornbills. Thousand of hidden treasures are still to be discovered: carnivorous plants, amaryllis and yellow sage. Diversity and beauty are the key words in introducing this magical coast and its islands.

Presented by such beauty, high expectations are a pre-requisite.
Developments will focus on respecting fauna and flora. Management of waste and waste water, energy supply, will include all elements which endow our sites with beauty and magic.

The fishing village adjacent to our land will be considered as part of our environment.
The overarching words for our development projects are: low density, maximum preservation of the vegetal fabric and a paramount respect for nature.

The economical impact needs to be taken into account for the region. It will be extremely positive, creating stable employment.
Our vision of future developments is the following: “to see but not to be seen, nestled in the foliage overlooking the sea or in the coconut grove by the beach”.